Embedding a video in a forum post

How do I embed a video in a forum post?

If you wish to share a video in one of your forum posts, you have the option to embed the video itself, instead of just posting a link to the site where it is being hosted.  Although most of the popular video hosting sites are supported, there are some that are not able to be embedded.  For those, you should simply include a link to the video at the host site.

The only tricky part about embedding videos is getting the correct URL.  Many video hosting sites have options for you to "embed" a video elsewhere, but that usually sends you to a place where you can copy a complex bit of code to paste into your site or blog.  That is not necessary in order to embed videos here - and, in fact, it will not work.  Also, copying the URL from the address bar of your browser doesn't always provide the correct URL either.

Using YouTube as an example may help you find similar methods for getting the correct URL on other video hosting sites.  Depending upon which device/computer and browser/app you are using, one of the following three methods should apply for YouTube:

On a PC/Mac:

Below the video player, look for the share icon...

After clicking the Share link, the following will appear just below it.  You should then copy the URL indicated by the red arrow...

On a touch device:

If you are on a touch device, but are view YouTube in a browser, the above options look like this...


To copy that URL, tap-hold it until a popup menu appears, then select the option that will copy the URL to your clipboard.

Using the YouTube app:

If you are using the YouTube app on an iOS device (sorry, I don't have access to an Android device so I don't know if it is the same or not), the above options look like this...


So, now that you (hopefully) have the correct URL, you have two ways to get it embedded into your post.  The easist method, by far - and the only method that will work on a touch device - is to type the following line in the body of your message where you wish the video to appear:

[ video:URL]

...replacing "URL" with the actual link to the video at the host site.  Note that you should not put spaces anywhere within the [ ] brackets.  A space was added in the example so that the system wouldn't try to turn it into an embedded video.  Also, it's best if you put each video on a line by itself in your post.

An alternate method:

If you are on a PC or Mac, there's another way to embed a video.  Click the video icon at the top of the editor window (circled in red below) and paste the URL of the video in the field provided.

As with some other features of the WYSIWYG editor, the video icon may not work because of the security settings of your browser.  Unfortunately, there isn't a work-around in this case - you'll simply have to use the method described above where you type the video embed tag yourself.