Carousel at Porsche track: do you take it?

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Carousel at Porsche track: do you take it?
This is intended to try and get a glimpse on an even greater matter: is there any event feature or segment of track in Real Racing that we put more effort into? Only with a particular class of cars? Only in tracks we like the most?

So that Porsche Carousel was inspired in the Nurburgring one, and I gathered some material because I believe some of us haven't even thought on how to talk that turn. Apparently, accidents usually happen comin' out of the banking -- too fast exiting, or you enter too slow and  then unbalance the car while trying to build speed during the banking?

Here, how they take it:



I do, only when bots aren't there
19% (6 votes)
Occasionally, yes
25% (8 votes)
I try to, in competitive events only
6% (2 votes)
Most of times, I worked hard to learn that one
22% (7 votes)
Always, it came naturally
19% (6 votes)
Not particularly
6% (2 votes)
I never even tried to
3% (1 vote)
Total votes: 32

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