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Team MRR - Team Lists

With the new teams feature of RR3 arriving, there have already been a number of random posts about teams to join.

To help streamline the teams created by MRR members, please post your newly created teams in this thread so MRR members know who to look for and which teams they could/should join.

With each team only allowing 20 members there will be the need for multiple teams to accomodate everyone.  Most likely there will be a number of teams that will be created by the wonderful TTO guys, and possibly MRR themed teams as well.

If you have created a team, please post it in this thread, and tell us the details of the team.  Also update your post once your team becomes full, or if you require more members.

Finding Teams (The Hard Way)

In true FEMA form, there isn't any way to search for teams, you only get random or "suggested" teams. You will usually see at least one suggested team from teams your firends have created (or are in???).  So if there is a specific team you want to join make sure the team admin is in your friends list.

And sorry, i'm not an expert in tips on adding friends.  iOS is easy in Game Center, but i'm not sure about Android or iOS/Android cross friending (feel free to chime in here)

Adding members to your team (The Easy Way)

If you are a team owner, you can invite other players to your Team. To send an invite, open up the Friends Leaderboard (available from the pull-out tab on the left edge of the screen), or in the TT or OMP Friends leaderboards and tap the yellow button next to the friend you wish to invite.

This is probably best done by sending a PM to the team owner, asking them to invite you.  First Make sure you are friends with that member.  But some team owners may not want to be PM'd, so check their post to make sure you aren't contacting anyone that doesn't want to be contacted or if their team is full.

Your friends list doesn't show ALL of your friends, so the best way to find them is also in the TT or OMP Friends ladders. 


Edit by Veyron:  In an effort to keep this thread devoted to the actual exchange of Team details, we are trying to direct discussion of the new Team feature over to this thread.  Your cooperation is appreciated.

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