Project Impulse - Day 1

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Project Impulse - Day 1

I'm sorry, I forgot to write down the six single tasks, but they are the usual stuff and very easy. Everything happens in Nürburgring at all three different tracks plus night/day/morning.

There's some news, though:

If this is the sound of the e-future, I'll happily keep on destroying the environment with a real engine. wink

There is a 6-hour analysis time and you can't upgrade anything. You can skip the analysis by buying 6 gold for each single "permission" to upgrade. In addition you have to pay for the first upgrades, too, of course. Second upgrades are again not possible because of further analysis.

Careful with task 2, it's a time trial. You have to stay below 2:35, which is easily doable. You don't want to be too fast, just stay below this time limit by one or two seconds. There will be more time trials during this challenge, and you will always have to be faster than before.

You may want to buy the engineer in a few tasks to skip service time. Do NOT forget to service after task 6.

EDIT: reward 5 gold

EDIT: the challenge will take 7 days.

EDIT: it's a new track, so maybe one wants to get familiar with it with the Clio or the Focus in the new series in Pro/Am (14.2. and 15.1. and 15.3). The first hairpin after start/finish in GP is a bitch.

EDIT: Nürburgring is nice. But I've never understood the excitement about this circuit. It's got its turns and twists and kicks, but in the end it's just another track. Maybe the word "Nürburgring" alone puts a spell on lots of racers, maybe the history and myth of "Nordschleife" still works, but all 3 tracks in this game are business as usual, IMHO. Anyway, I'm grateful and happy about any new circuit.



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