How to Mine GC on Blackberry?

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How to Mine GC on Blackberry?

First of all I'm running RR3 on my Z10 Blackberry, and as you may know already the most current Blackberry version of RR3 is which translates to the one that has Ferrari Faceoff and Battle Italia as final stages.

I have completed everything( overall completion 96%) except the LFA series (it's up to 96% cause I can't afford the GC upgrades to reach the ridiculous PR requirement), Euro Supercar Duel (96%, again can't afford the GC upgrades for the Merc to meet PR requirements),  The Legend Continues (90% for the same above reasons), Porsche 50 Years of 911 (91% because yet again I can't afford the 911 RSR GC pricetag, not even with the showcase discount...)and finally Ferrari Faceoff at 52% and Battle Italia at 76% (stuck at both because... you guessed it... I don't have enough GC to buy the F12 Berlinetta and to upgrade Aventador to meet PR...)

At the moment I'm literally stuck because of the inability to farm/get/earn GC's, and I have 3,5mil R$ and 198 GC's, and all i do is race daily the Accolade Suzuka just to get more R$'s since there's nothing more I can do ingame unless something changes :(

The TT bug to farm gold isn't working on Blackberry and there's no way for me to get my hands on more GC's (unless I spend literally hundreds of real money for IAP's which I won't do simply because of the ridiculous economy model FM has implemented, otherwise I would gladly buy some if the pricing was reasonable).


I'm open to suggestions gentlemen, hope someone can shed some light on how I could progress and enjoy the game some more.



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