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Young at Heart
As most of you will have noticed, I tend to mess around a bit and post out of context in a lot of topics, trying to bring a smile when smiles seem to be going out of fashion.
I'm sorry but I'm still Young at Heart, notwithstanding I'm in my late forties. When I thought about it, I realised MRR is missing a Nonsensical Thread; so here goes.
Post whatever you like as long as:
- It's to do with CARS or BIKES, anything with WHEELS;
- it's to do with RACING;
- it's to do with INTERNAL COMBUSTION (even if spontaneous combustion is also very interesting.);
- it brings a SMILE to your face;
- post pics, videos, jokes, anecdotes, news articles, etc, etc.
All on-topic posts will get a +rep from me, all off-topic stuff will get a -reprimand from our insomniac moderator. ;)
Keep it clean, keep it lively and when you're gloomy, don't google, instead, come here, take a gander and have a good giggle. :D
BTW, the topic title I thought of last night was Kid at Heart and today, walking around taking pics, I came across the sign (pic above) in a shop window, so this is what I used ... how's that for destiny and slightly E.S.P.ish. :)

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