Lions of Leipzig - Day 3

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Lions of Leipzig - Day 3

Another easy day today.   All races at Nurburgring using the 918 Spyder Weissach - I have 20/28 upgrades.

Goal #1 

Nurburgring GP - 1 lap cup rolling start against 8 other cars.
Come at least 3rd
(I finished 1st here with some pretty bad driving)
Auto Cross 
Hunter on Nurburgring GP
Speed Snap  Nurburgring Mullenbach

(Again nothing much to write about here.  You get TSM friends here so you might want to be offline if you want stock bots)

GOAL #3 
Finish any lap averaging 160kph without going off-track.
Nurburgring Sprint - 4 lap cup standing start against 12/16 other cars.  
(I finished after the 1st lap, for those looking for fame, you might want to have a fully serviced car here, and you can retry this race over and over again - 3100 fame points for about 1 minute race)
Nurburgring GP - 4 lap cup rolling start against 12/16 others cars.
(I was in first by the start of lap 2)
Reward 5GC


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