Lions of Leipzig - Day 7

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Lions of Leipzig - Day 7

Hi everybody,
welcome to the last stage of this interesting event, where we all hope that we can drive a lot of cars more than the Porsche Spyder Weissach on this new enjoyable Porsche Test-Tracks of Leipzig.wink

Goal 1 (skip 35 Gold)
TimeTrial, Porsche Track dynamic
"Beat your previous time"
I beat my 51,xx with a 49,844

Goal 2 (skip 35 Gold)
"Win these events"
All 3 on the long Porsche track
- Autocross
- Hunter
- Speed Record
One and two are easy done...
For the speed record I used the old trick, because I was ~6km/h to slow

Goal 3 (skip 35 Gold)
Cup, 4 Laps, 21 opponents, Porsche Track long, start from 1st position, Magnus and Markus direct behind you
Rolling start
"Stay on track and finish a lap with an average speed of 106 mph (170 kph)"
Didn't know the reason, but it looks like I have done 2 laps until it counts.

Goal 4 (skip 35 Gold)
Cup, 8 Laps, 21 opponents, Porsche track long, rolling start (Leaders Magnus and Markus)
Come 1st in any lap during the race without going off track

Still stuck on this goal, because I drift of some times from the track....
So if someone jump in for the last are welcome wink
Bed is calling and I will update as soon as possible.

ADD:Finished this goal in first try this morning. I catched Magnus at the end of lap 5
and didn't have to go for the whole distance.

Goal 5 (skip 35 Gold)
Head 2 Head, 1 Laps, against Magnus
Win this event without going off track
Got him in the second try at the bus-stop in won 2s ahead.

Reward: 35.000 R$, 15 Gold and the Porsche Spyder 918 Weissach

ADD:finished the event with a 18/28 upgraded car. afair I didn't upgrade in the last 3 days.
Looking at my bank for gold I'm satisfied, ads and the rewards helped that the result is only -30gold,
even after upgrading the car cool

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