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Model Cars

I've recently started reliving and enjoying the childhood fun of building model cars.

I had taken my nephew to the local mall and we had a blast in the Lego store. So much so that I bought a model car. I put it together in a couple days and was immediately hooked. I've since built four other Lego cars, each with varying degrees of difficulty. Each one was a joy.

I've now purchased a good old fashion cement glue and testor paint model of a '61 Chevy Impala Convertible and a '69 Corvette... my two fave cars that I've personally owned. Plus I have a Lego LMP car waiting in the background as well.

I'm figuring there are a number of MRR members who enjoy model car kits or have great memories of childhood model kit building days they might want to share. Thus this post.

I'll start it out with some pics of the Lego F40 I recently built. 1158 pieces. A lot of fun and a little challenging in spots. It's a fairly good representation of the car. Pretty cool.

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