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If you've up-trained the bots in the NASCAR warmup, then you know what a bear those last races can be. Well, I have a new method to win, and I think that you're going to like it. I call it, "The NASCAR Way."

Everybody knows that NASCAR fans love racing, but everybody also knows that NASCAR fans love wrecks, and the bigger the better!

You can leverage this fact, along with some help from the monkeys that renders bots inoperative, or just plain whacky if they take too much damage. The method is simple, I suggest trying with Richmond first, it's easier. As soon as you start the race, you turn around. Now, go full tilt in the wrong direction. As soon as you see that first oncoming car, you aim right for him. You really want full business head-ons here, even better if you can head-on a train of drafters. What happens is that you will most likely take him out. Get back into the swing and build up speed for the next forward car, don't waste too much time with low speed collisions, you want to ram the guys who are up to speed. 

Keep going around the track backwards until you've taken out all of the forward moving cars. You need to take them all out before they would have a chance to finish. The carnage will help you with this after a few laps when you start to get compound carnage. Crazy bots traveling backward will help you by raming the other bots going forward. After you've taken out all of the forward bots, turn around and head for victory.

Note, crazy bots can still beat you so you should probably try to stop any fast moving ones, other than that, just start counting up your positions as you pass their lifeless smouldering carcass on the track when you drive by.

As far as I can tell, the crowds love this, they keep cheering and cheering, even after everyone but me is dead. I've managed an easy first at Richmond, and a second at Indy. Some pictures to follow (they're on my ipad, they'll take a minute.) 

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