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Tip for accessing RR2 Forum(s)

Hi all you RR2ers,

This post is in response to a thread (a poll, actually) that is currently in the Events/Challenges (RR2) forum, but I thought I better post it here in the General Discussion forum so that more people would see it.  In fact, that's the point of this post - how to use/view the RR2 forums so that you don't miss important topics.

It has been requested that we make the 94P weekend event polls stickies, and move them to the General Discussion forum, so that more people will see them.  However, a quick look at the Events/Challenges section shows that the top four posts there are all the recent 94P threads/polls.  Making them stickies there wouldn't get them any higher on the list.

The biggest problem with the sticky idea is that each new weekend event requires a new poll, because you all have to vote on the car to be used for that event.  Add to that the fact that the timing of those polls are fairly critical - that is, they are created on Wednesday (I think) and close on Friday - and that means one of the mods (either myself or MRR-McLaren) would have to be online at just the right time to make the current one a sticky (and unsticky the previous one at the same time).  That's hardly practical.

In the aforementioned thread, DakotaSaurus posted this...

DakotaSaurus wrote:

This would get a lot more coverage if it was on the general discussions page. I, like probably many, enter this site via a bookmark directly to the "General Discussions" page and never go anywhere else. It was by pure accident I found it. 

So, therein lies the problem...  I would think that anything related to RR2 might be of interest.  If you only ever visit the General Discussion area, you might miss out on something important, or fun, or interesting in some way.   This site has a handy filter that will let you see only RR2 forums, thus eliminating all the RR3 stuff that you don't care to read.  However, I would like to make one additional point... there is another section in the Forum area that is not specific to RR2 or RR3, and it is where we (the MRR Team) post important information and announcements about the site in general.  Those things could certainly be of interest to the RR2 crowd.

So instead of bookmarking the General Discussions page, here's what I would suggest...  Go to the "New/Updated Topics" page and select the filters as shown below...

That effectively eliminates all the RR3 fluff, but gives you a list of all RR2 posts, with most recent/most active at the top, plus any posts that might have been added to the General Information and Discussions section.  That section doesn't get a lot of activity, so it's not going to clutter up your list of forum topics that much.

Then you can bookmark the "New/Updated Topics" page - which should remember your filter selections - and you'll be good to go.

Hope this helps.

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