Stingray Challenge - Day 7

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Stingray Challenge - Day 7

First 5 goals on Laguna Seca. Last race on Indianapolis. 
Goal 1 - 2 lap cup
Goal 2 - chose the autocross
Goal 3 - 6 lap cup. You need to help Ahmed from 6th into 3rd. But surprisingly Magnus was slow in this. Even after helping Ahmed get into 3rd, was able to overtake Magnus. So it's best to hire the engineer in this race. 
Goal 4 - 6 lap cup again. Ahmed in 3rd but you'll run your car into full red service. You'll need to service before proceeding to goal 5. 
Goal 5 - single reverse lap on Laguna. Definitely a new experience. You'll need a time of 1:33 to win. 
Goal 6 - 6 laps to get Ahmed from 3rd ahead of both Rusty and Magnus

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