How to avoid a high-speed accident

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How to avoid a high-speed accident

So, I ran a race at Spa yesterday in the Ferrari Enzo. Had an experience that I thought i'd use to give some tips to newer racers: How To Avoid a High-Speed Accident.

In RR3, it happens often. You start from the back and as you work your way through the field on lap 1, there are off-track excursions all over the place. I've seen it happen most often at Suzuka (turns 1 and 5), Le Mans (turns 2 and 3 mostly), Monza (around the Curva Grande), and Spa (the run up to Eau Rouge). How do you avoid these out-of-control bots?

Here's an example of what happened to me at Spa yesterday (multi-view video):

Tip #1:
Look through the top half of the windscreen. (If you race in bonnet view like I do, that means look at the top half of the display.)

My common mistake when I was first getting started was to look at the hood of my car as I hit the apex of a corner. It's common because that's kind of how I learn where the apex even is. Once the track is learned, though, it's time to start looking ahead. This is how you avoid accidents. The things to look for are cars weaving wildy about, tire smoke, and dust. These are almost always the indication of an accident. One thing to note, dust shows up anytime someone drives off track. Just be watching and you'll  be ready in case it's more than just someone off-roading for a bit.

Tip #2:
Don't panic!

If you see cars starting to go crazy up ahead, focus on where you need to be in order to avoid the accident. If you let the carnage unsettle you, you won't think clearly and you'll end up right in the middle of it all.

Tip #3:
Go to where the out-of-control car was, not to where it's going.

Try not to steer around the stricken car; instead keep on course. Usually going straight at the car will help you avoid it as it's typically moving from one side of the track to the other. Of course this isn't always the case, especially when you have a spun car that is just sitting there. Following tips 1 and 2 will help in these situations, as you will be aware of where the car is and, having not panicked, will be able to adjust your line accordingly.

Not all accidents can be avoided, but with these tips, hopefully you'll increase you chances of getting through them unscathed. Good luck!


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