Track Day Domination - Day 5

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Track Day Domination - Day 5

Goal 1 the speed snap I just fell short with stage 2 upgrades. I had to add a tire upgrade to get the little extra burst of speed to beat Norm
Goal 2 the autocross was fine. 
Goal 3 was a 1 lap cup. Unfortunately Norm stayed close so I couldn't win with the required distance. Had to add 2nd stage 3 upgrade. 
Goal 4 was a 3 lap cup. Both Norm and Michael were too fast on the straights. So had to add another 3 more stage 3 upgrades. Won with ease after that. 
Goal 5 the elimination was only against the 5 teammates. So you had to pick them off one at a time as you pass Eric, then Ahmed, then Zoe, then Michael and lastly Norm to win the race and the car. 

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