Daytona 500 - Day 4

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Daytona 500 - Day 4

Day 3

Stage 1 -  2 laps at Indy Speedway, Overtake 16 times and come at least 10th.  
If you drive normally here you will get your 16 overtakes when you get into 1st.

Stage 2 - 8 laps at Indy Speedway, Win

Stage 3 - 4 laps at Indy Speedway, start 1st and don't get passed.
Only hard part here is the start as the bots behind are fast, block them low into the first corner and you should be able to pull away after the first corner.

Stage 4 - 5 laps at Indy Speed, draft for 2000yds (1828 meters) and then overtake.
This is one continuous draft, corners are the only hard part here.  Just stick close and center the car.  After you complete the task the event will end.  

This day is basically a service day as after 4 laps at Indy your car will need service (unless you're sandbagging and driving like a granny all the way around the track)

Reward: 50000 R$, 5 GC

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