Daytona 500 - Day 7

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Daytona 500 - Day 7

OK boys and girls, here's the last day:

Stage 1: 1 lap to reach 30-35 no damage- start in 10th. Damage detector appears to be pretty lenient as I took some good bumps.

Stage 2: 5 laps to get to 20 with Kahne or Johnson - start 22nd with Kahne in front and Johnson in back. My 'team mate' Johnson kept pitting me! I eventually left him behind and kept Kahne ahead of me to 17th
Stage 3: 3 laps  to 10 without running out of gas - start 20 and 10 gals. Seemed you could run al out flat out here. At the end of this you will need service, for me a series of ads did the trick.
Stage 4: 10 laps to 5th no damage - start 10th (FYI - 5,500 fame for first). I used the engineer here
Stage 5: 5 laps 5th - 1st. Bots seemed *very* fast here, almost no slowdown in turns
Stage 6: victory lap - start 3rd and win. Yes, you have to pass them and they will try to pass/pit you!

in addition to the car you get 25GC.



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