Generations - Day 1

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Generations - Day 1

Goal 1 (skip 5 gold)
Cup, Monza Junior, 9 opponents, finish below 1:10 minutes one lap

Goal 2 (skip 5 gold)
Cup, Nürburgring (morning) sprint   9 opponents, reach 120mph / 194kph

Goal 3 (skip 5 gold)
Drive 1093yd / 1000m in draft and finish lap in 2:40 (no continues draft necessary)
You  get an BMW 3.0 CSL Hommage R for this
(first level upgrades are 6h and ~50 to 60k R$)
1 Lap at Spa in a head to head

Goal 4 (skip 5 gold)
1 Lap Silverstone international  with the older car, 9 opponents
Just win

Reward 5 gold

First stage R$ upgrades only 30 minutes
2nd stage upgrades are 1:15h for R$ or gold (the following upgrade is 3:20h) but all cheap in my eyes

ATTANTION: I detected that the game struggels at some points with google play and when I was offline... so be aware of crashes.

ADD:be aware... you handle in this challenge two cars... the original BMW 3.0 CLS and the BMW 3.0 CLS Hommage R!

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