Practice Time Trials to race better

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Practice Time Trials to race better

I wrote this down in my Team's forum some time ago, and decided it's now appropriate to drop it here. Besides eventually helping new players, it can encourage mid-career ones not to get discouraged by the recent, hopefully temporary changes in the time trials grip conditions et al.

I was suggesting in that text the following: one can improve racing skills by working their azz in fast time trials! It may sound ridiculous such idea since time trials basically take the better pilot results and dump the others, either by noticing that you got a lap time no-lower than the previous runs, or by red-flagging you for going too fast until you loose control and goes off-track.

As frustrating it can be, it can help you learn a track's right speed and racing line over time, since you get determined and patient. Yet: save a few gold coins to buy you a soare set of "drive" from time to time. Practicing only 3 to 5 runs in a row won't sometimes rise you to the local optimal point of operation. Got no gold? Practice ten-runs in autocross, speed snap, short cups, taking notes on your times while doing all without collisions or off-track excursions!
I have divided all I suspect is worthy knowing  in 3 levels:
Level 1: Follow fast ghosts.  I've been getting to chase slightly faster opponents for a while now, and that's what showed I could improve a lot more in breaking points and racing lines. For each good run throughout the game, I picked ghosts increasingly faster to beat, 2 seconds at a time.
That will primarily show you some flaws in your racing lines, and then you'll NOT be able to stick on-track or to catch him after a given turn, showing you push brakes too late or too soon, and that will bring you to the level 2!
Level 2: Optimize you braking technique.
A- stay at the track's edge before each turn and make sure the car is stable! You even need to be predicting the time and initial angle of the upcoming steering before you decide when to break. For high-grip/strong-brakes car for example, you can start braking AFTER you start steering.
B- play with the brake pedal! Just the way we blip the gas upon exiting a turn, tap the brakes briefly before holding it down as you enter a turn. Sometimes this will provide an enhanced sense on the right braking point based on the car's stability response to it. 
C- balance the car behavior in that turn in relation to the way and time you pushed the brakes. Should you fell that you pushed the brakes at the very best moment but the car went weird, step up to level 3!
Level 3: correct you steering technique. Real Racing's physics is pretty good at representing the changes in the center of mass of the cars. Means that if by the moment you should attack the turn you're still deciding where to put your car and when/how fast to steer, you'll probably enter the turn not much stable, so you loose grip and speed, hopefully not the turn (releasing the brakes briefly helps keeping you on track).
These steps are what I can remember I done to achieve better time trials, Autocross scores and such.. Not to mention it helps staying confident in hard overtakes, learning new tracks, etc etc.
Recently I cut around 1.5 sec in the current F1 WTT, and that for me was considered impossible! The F1 with its ridicule acceleration and braking power is what brought me to notice the apparent importance of the right steering technique. I was good in defining racing lines, been improving my breaking, but that car doesn't forgive: go right or be out
Then I realized I was losing grip at the same points, same breaking and speed, because I was coming from slightly different points with quite different steering angles. I have never read about all this stuff (much less raced a real car) so I hope this doesn't sound dumb or too unrealistic.
I hope it helps everyone to enhance their gaming experience while having fun!
Wait! Wait! Almost forgot: play with steering sensitivity and steering assists! Some MRR aliens go low or high assist, I prefer no assists but ultra-low sensitivity! 
If you are more constant in consecutive runs, these tips plus steer assists could bring you progressively a few seconds earlier to the finish line!

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