Car handling - The apex

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Car handling - The apex

Have at it!

This quick video shows the basic concept of apex in a turn.
I couldn't understand this thing until I saw some 'alien' huging the turns right at the END of the stripped chicanes, not in the beggining of the turn as most of us probably (used to) do. So I got to the apex topic, which helps race better and have a more enjoyable ride!

Ineresting enough, this channel's name is "Hooked on driving", technique tottaly different from that in my previous topic (oversteering).

This one provides a more detailed view on DIFFERENT types of apex and varying-radius turns. Helps on tricky tracks, specially Laguna Seca with that second-last turn (where we need to touch the chicane at its very beggining (?))

Good info could be find here at Tips and tricks, and at Tracks / Circuits, e.g. First corner in cup races, Braking points, General driving tips, and Most hated tracks. Oh, my prefered!!

Enjoy and post your tips and secrets! smiley

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