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Light Rider Preview

Here's some information I found via various sources that could be useful.

Max PR for Exos Experience series is PR118, so expect something just below that as the max recommended PR for Light Rider.

Update: Day 7 posted now.  max recommended PR is 113.6

All days posted here:

Day 3 - Hockenheim  - G3 requires us to go the opposite direction within 1min 25secs and reach a speed of 273 kph.  

Day 4 - Dubai 

Day 5 - Not sure which track, but this day has some interesting events.   All against Nissan Silvas.  G4 is interesting.. requires you to catch the Silva like a hunter and then turn around a do a full lap in the reverse direction.

Day 6 - Silverstone

Day 7 - Not sure which track, but looks like it's doable under the recommended PR.  There is an elimination to slow the bots in Goal 1.  But again, other reverse direction race.

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