Jaguar E-Type - Day 3

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Jaguar E-Type - Day 3

Day 3 All Goals @ Spa

Doesn't appear to be any apparent gold traps, unless they make you buy the number in goal 2.

Goal 1 - Autocross
Goal 2 - 1 lap, no off-track. 2:48 was not problem fully upgraded, stopped at the line at 2:25 and waited.   The number was free as I was fully upgraded.  
Goal 3 - 4 laps, I wanted to see how fast this car could go, did 174kph average without corner cutting, so this 152kph average should be doable without full upgrade.
Goal 4 - it's more than a lap, as it's a running start, but again, no issues.  I finished in 2:49 again without corner cutting, so 3:40 should not be an issue.

Note: For Goals 3 & 4, you could corner cut the last chicane to gain time or maintain speed.

Reward: 15 GC and Car 

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