Formula Future - Day 3

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Formula Future - Day 3

Day on Hockenheimring

Goal 1 - elimination against 5 others on national circuit. Even though goal has PR of 132.2, can't beat with first stage of R$ upgrades. The gap between cars is huge. Only just overtake 5th place just shortly before timer is up. Didn't even see 4th place during next 20 seconds. Skipping for now
Goal 2 - 1 lap cup on GP circuit. Didn't even come close to the 1:15 time requirement. 
Goal 3 - speed snap on short track. At least this goal was done on first attempt
Goal 4 - 2 lap H2H on national circuit. Not the cleanest lap, but with without upgrading further, just crash into the barrier to hit the speed requirement and race for the win

Reward 15 gold

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