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Maximum cash and gold

Hello GC racers. I'm new to this forum and have read the "Read before posting" rules and I would like to get on board.  I have been playing GC for a little while now and believe I'm the best driver that I can be for now. I enjoy the game to the point that I have forgotten some of the others.  I have gone through level 25 a total of 4 times and each time through I have learned a great deal about car selection and how to spend what little bit of in game cash and gold that is available.  I have however found several ways to obtain wealth by exploiting game flaws and glitches.  I believe I have seen it called farming in the RR3 forum.   I would like to share these tips but I'm not sure if it's considered cheating and not a good way for me to "get on board". Anyway I would like to know what driver settings everyone uses and how they differ from car to car and the different race locations.  I use about every configuration and am constantly adjusting the sliders.  Thanks for having me and happy racing.  

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