Cars to buy with gold

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Cars to buy with gold

Hi all, I have been playing this game for 10 days or so and I am getting really into it so I am looking for some advice from people who are in the top leagues  on what cars to buy to be competitive in the daily events.

I have about 2000 gold and have just bought the bmw m2 gold car based on the advice given by Jonny C in an earlier post but I am not sure which of the 2 nissan gold cars to buy or if it is worth getting the lotus elise sport - is this better than A2 and A3 cars for rally events? Which B class car should I get for rally events?? I am not going to spend over 2000 gold on the AC tribute so I guess the bmw m6 is the car to go for?

Maybe I should just wait in case more gold cars appear for free in daily logins?!

Thanks and appreciate any help.....

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