Rennsport Redefined - Day 2

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Rennsport Redefined - Day 2

Welcome to a day at Leipzig,

Skip 10 Gold
Recommended PR81,4

Goal 1 - Win wihtout leaving track for more than 2s, Street Course short  2 Laps with 9 opponents (rolling start)
After 3 additional attempts i made it without upgrades

Goal 2 - Win withou leaving the track. Speed Snap on street course long
Have to beat 211,xx kph... only made 208 without upgrades and speeded up engine
if you drive with assists...turn off TC and BA and you can made it very easy I think.

Goal 3 - Drift 8s OR leave track for 14s and finish at least at 3rd position
2 laps cup at streetcourse long with opponents.
I go for the 14s offtrack, because the grip on this car is good

Reward:20.000 R$ and 10 Gold

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