Rennsport Redefined - Day 3

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Rennsport Redefined - Day 3

Welcome to a day at Silverstone

Skip 20 Gold
Recommended PR83,2 (my actual PR is 82,2)

Goal 1 - Elimination at Silverstone Bridge GP, win and don't drift more than two times
Needed 3 attempts and have to run very clean

Goal 2 - 2 lap Cup at Silverstone GP with 21 opponents, win  average speed at least 132mph/211kph
Needed two attempts, because i was at the end 1kph to slow.

Goal 3 - 2 lap Cup at Silverstone GP with 21 opponents,  fight your position without running out of gas
(Tilt B is activated and BA high is Off)
Done in first attempt... but drive ond coast wise wink

Goal 4 - Autocross at Silverstone Bridge GP, Win without leaving the track (I have to beat 31,4 s)
first two attempts I missed by 1s and 0,1s
Meanwhile my PR increased to 82,7...will report soon about finishing wink

After some 'retry' I startover and have now 31,7s and made it with next attempt...
So good point for dumbing down wink

Reward: 15  Gold

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