Path Of Defiance - Day 7

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Path Of Defiance - Day 7

Hmm, I missed goal 2 screenshot. Unfortunately I'm cloud saved at goal 4. 

Day on Mount Panorama. Started day with 19 upgrades

Goal 1 - 1 lap cup. Just a matter to avoid overtaking slowass Ahmed on corners and boxing out Michael on the straights. 
Goal 2 - 2 lap cup where you needed average speed of 216. Took a few attempts because the stupid counter dipped to 215 at the end. On the first straight, 2nd place constantly gets clipped by 4th and forces the pack to spin out. My winning run, that didn't happen and won easily
Goal 3 - 1 lap cup. Could have attempted to win, but didn't want to test if that would be a failure. Just finished 3rd to complete goal
Goal 4 - 2 lap cup with 9L of gas. Most limited fuel races, the bots are slowass. Michael very fast and with conserving gas, just couldn't catch him even in the esses.  Bots again get tied up at the beginning  and making it difficult to catch 1st.  Will have try it later. Skipping for now. Wondering if just cheaper to skip vs upgrading?
Goal 5 - 3 lap cup to set fastest speed. No issues with 19 upgrades 

Reward $20,000/20 gold

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