Logging in the HTTPS vs. HTTP versions of MRR

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Logging in the HTTPS vs. HTTP versions of MRR

Hey Veyron, I just thought this one might be a reason a couple new users would not be able to come back to the site, and it's a kinda not-so-easy to notice/solve issue.

Maybe this issue would be less critical if you could position the Log-in box on TOP of the right handside panel, so people would notice right away in case they are not logged in.

The issue in question is the messsage: "Access Denied", when you're logged in the httpS version and someone posts a link to the http one, or vice-versa.

A solution by the user would be log in (to the appropriate version), OR save the credentials to both versions in their browser, OR edit the shared link (as mentioned here: https://myrealracing.club/comment/117223#comment-117223 ).


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