Relentless - Day 8

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Relentless - Day 8

Final day on Silverstone with all races on the GP circuit. Started day with 21 upgrades (stupid speed record on day 6 needed that last gold upgrade)
Goal 1 - speed snap. Had target of 271.9KPH. No issues
Goal 2 - TT. Shouldn't be issue for most. My first attempt was 3.8 seconds off. And just slowly shaved 0.5 seconds on each subsequent attempt
Goal 3 - H2H. Ahmed starts in first. Easy to pass him at the beginning and cruise the rest of the way
Goal 4 - H2H. Rolling start, so you can get like 10 seconds of the lead counter done before the lap starts. 45 seconds occurs on the long sweeping left turn. Allow Ahmed to pass and begin to tailgate. This counter is not continuous. So easy to trail rest of the way to end event

Reward 15 gold

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