Where is the fun?

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Where is the fun?

I'll always ask myself after an evening racing with idiots, campers, cheaters, wallriders, morons...

Where's the fun?

Well - yesterday I found the fun in RR2 again. smiley

The fun for me is:

- racing with friends

- fair fighting for position with them

- going side by side on the track without thinking "when will he hit me?"

- having the trust in the other one that he is equal minded in racing

- having people waiting at the finish line

- waiting at the finish line

- waiting for the other one to come closer after he got hit or crashed

- standing with 3 Vettes side by side at the finish line wink

- trying to keep up with the super fast one's

THIS is the fun for me in racing RR2 and it came back yesterday with the folks I repped before.

Thanks folks - this was a blast! laugh

And I don't care anymore if I am first or last - when friends are in the race I like to have fun.

What is your fun in RR2?



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