McLaren Shadow Project (WFG Season 2)

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McLaren Shadow Project (WFG Season 2)

Shadowing our friends from the Gear.Club forum, here is a thread on the upcoming season two of last year's World's Fastest Gamer competition. 
The discussion started around this page and you all are welcome to continue the discussion there. 

"The McLaren Shadow Project – so-called because it ‘shadows’ the real F1 team – is intended to be more inclusive than any other driving competition held to date."

Global online qualification heats will start (see below).
Games: Forza Motorsport, Real Racing 3, iRacing, rFactor 2 and rFactor 2 (HTC Vive VR).

Semi finals at Woking, finals in January.
The winner will take part in events as a McLaren esports team member.

A little promo video:

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