Carbon Copy - Day 6

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Carbon Copy - Day 6

Nürburgring, win them all

Goal 1: Speed Snap at Müllenbach, reach top speed of at least 233,4 km/h, no offtrack, no BA. You need to reach speed snap minimum requirements PLUS minimum top speed of 233,4.

Goal 2: Autocross at Sprint Circuit, no skidding, no offtrack

Goal 3: 3-laps-cup at GP, start in first position, don’t get overtaken, watch your fuel (you are allowed to go offtrack here, so you may cut the final chicane to save some fuel, if you need to).

Goal 4: H2H, 2 laps at Müllenbach, reach top speed of at least 262,4 km/h twice, no offtrack, no damage

Recommended PR: 82,4
Skip: 50 GC each
Rewards: 25,0000 R$ + 15 GC

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