Carbon Copy - Day 8

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Carbon Copy - Day 8

all in Dubai

Goal 1: Elimination at International, running start, win, no offtrack, no damage
Goal 2: 2-laps-cup at National, win within 2:16.20, no offtrack
Goal 3: H2H at Club Circuit, 2 laps, wait at the start for 5 secs, win, no offtrack
Goal 4: Speed Record at Hill Circuit, win within 41 secs, no offtrack
Goal 5: 1-lap-cup at GP, finish at least 2nd with Ahmed on 1st, or vice versa

Recommended PR: 84.9
Skip: 80 GC each
Rewards: 60,000 R$ + 25 GC + car

PS: 8.1 was hard. It's all about finding the perfect braking points. (Well, isn't it always? ;-))

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