Last round of the Amateur Series of the NEW ALL TT's

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Last round of the Amateur Series of the NEW ALL TT's

Hi all,

Today ( the 7th of August 2018, UTC ) I started the last round of the Amateur Series of the NEW ALL TT's.

As probably not all know about the existence of this Series I will go a little bit back in time.

In July 2016 I took over the organization of a TT competition organized at MRR by Zimfrank, called the ALL TT's. Idea from the competition was to run all TT's in certain series. They started with all TT's in the Amateur Series, followed by all TT's in the PRO/AM Series. 
I continued where they were at that moment: weekly running a TT in the PRO series.

But the Monkeys had done something interesting around that time. In version 4.4 they erased all times in the TT's. This meant all times posted at MRR for the TT's in the Amateur Series were no longer available. So I decided to start over in the Amateur Series, in a bi-weekly cycle.
And because of this situation I called the competition the “NEW ALL TT's”.

Later I also started to run all TT's in the Exclusive series ( when there were only 3 cars ! In that series ).  

At some point however ( end of February 2017 ) I changed the concept of the competition. No longer we were running all TT's in a certain Career series but TT's for “cheap” cars. This concept we are still using. These TT's can be in any (Career) Series.

At the moment I changed the concept we didn’t run yet all TT's in the Amateur Series. But every time we were running a TT belonging to that series I added the TT also to the Amateur Series. This way we slowly completed the whole series.

And now, by opening the 6th round of the V6.4 series of the NEW ALL TT's, we reached the last TT of the Amateur Series. At least, at this moment it is the last one, maybe the Monkeys will add a few more to the Amateur Series, although I doubt that.

And, as this is the final TT of that series, we will have a winner of that series.
At the moment there are 14 drivers who have been running all previous rounds:

Most are still participating, but not all. Zimfrank and TheSecristan are no longer particpating or running RR3. But maybe they read this and are still able to run RR3 and post a time.
You never know. I have seen stranger things happening. smiley

And off course it would would be nice if more, who are on the attached list of participants who have posted once a time for this series, will post a time for this round. 

Also: if you are now participating and like to be on the list of those who have been completed all 22 TT's: just run the missing rounds and post your time before this round ends !

Happy racing,


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