Maintaining 100% Completion (Events)

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Maintaining 100% Completion (Events)

Having managed to reach 100% at the end of 6.3 and 6.4, i was curious to see how the revised game/economy in v6.5 would affect things in terms of gold...
I don't claim my approach is the correct one or that I spent my time wisely, but for what it's worth these are my figures:

Feel free to laugh or cry at them smiley but just maybe they might be of interest! 

BTW a level-up for me nowadays if totally farmed would be roughly 12x Le Mans 10-lappers using agent...96GC gross but more like ~86GC nett assuming at least some free agents.  Oh, and according to my profile I spent 236 hours in-game over the 7 weeks, an average of 4.8 hours a day surprisecrying

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