Abandoning the game again, at Level 354 and with 229 cars

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Abandoning the game again, at Level 354 and with 229 cars

Played the game since the very beginning (cause I still remember RR2; and RR3 was a huge new improvement).
Got banned at the Facebook when they invented the car breaking after each race, but disbalanced it initially and it was greedy; there was a shitstorm on the forums, and they eventually fixed it to become less greedy – but, as a collateral, a number of (rather loyal) players got banned. (Though actually I asked them and got unbanned about 2 years later).
Played regularly, participating in every even and gettng every car with proper discounts.
Got annoyed and stormed out, when they invented the Gauntlet format; as usual, I delayed the start till the very end, started it,... and in 2 hours it was closed, with me having no car. It was far from being any clear that I have the specified time to complete the event, not to start it.
Got back in a year or so. Started slowly recovering all the missing cars. Got almost all of them (still miss a couple of nascraps or some similar faceless australian cars). 
Participated and won every LTS or event, with the minimum of gold spent when I still can deal with winning it.

I never actually hoped to reach the 100% game completion, for real. It’s like a donkey pulling to reach the carrot, but the carrot moves away as you pull. Though I at least wanted to get all the cars, eventually; and then, slowly, to improve my game completion to maybe reach 100% someday. So the gold priorities were like this: first of all, everything goes to improve the car for the currently active event; and if there are some upgrade discounts, then I probably spend some of the gold to get some career line to 100% (but only if it is not that much expensive, and if, according to the wiki, this is the optimal upgrade).

Always on the gold hunger, always having barely enough to complete the event, and spending hours.

With the latest RR3 patches, the gold expenditures increased: more cars, more expensive upgrades. When have you seen the last car in a new RR3 patch, which was sold for R$? Though thankfully, more career lines, which give you some extra gold, too.

And at some point I found myself in spending time for a game I stopped receiving any fun long ago.
It is a major and well-practiced addiction, but it is just an addiction, not an entertainment. You must play, just to keep your place. Do you know what is the typical daily schedule of a 300+ level player, which does the minimum just to keep moving to the 100% fantasy? I’ll tell you, for may today’s day.
1. The day switches. Collect the daily bonus. Is it some gold (you get twice the amount for being a vip)? – cool, maybe you can upgrade something important for the event. Is it “N% fame bonus”? Then you have to run a 30 minutes long 10-lapper on Le Mans, with the 2x bonus from the team, to utilize this fame bonus maximally. I never run 10-lappers except when there is a fame daily bonus; and I always run a 10-lapper for the first race in the day, when there is one.
1.1. And don’t forget to watch 5 ads and collect 5 gold!
2. Some new retrospection or event day is opened. Play it. Complete the daily mandatory races. Mandatory, huh?
3. I still have my Mercedes-AMG C63 LTS incomplete, as I barely have enough gold for both Porsche 911 GT2 RS (it is the 8th day, and I rather struggle on the third race, having my car at just 15/28) and for LTS. 
4. Oh, those weekly trials are a good gold source! I usually can 25 to 50 gold after they changed the WTT format (I never participated in WTT before the change, at all). But it again needs several hours; I usually do that as late as I can.
5. Multplayer? Just a waste of time. If a new week is started – play at least once, for a free 3G in the end. Don’t bother about it anymore, not gold-effective.
6. Well, if I have some time... only after the “daily mandatory races” are over.. which of the career lines are not yet complete but I have the cars to complete? I have about 8 of them. Maybe play a race or two there. Or ten. Maybe they’ll bring you some gold at 25%/50%/75%. But only after the mandatory daily races.
7. And when I am an not playing - let's watch some more ads and get 5 to 10 gold daily, if you are lucky.

Just like a full-time occupation. And if you don’t play – you miss the Unique Time-Restricted Opportunity to get some car.

Have you seen the gold old “War Games” movie? The AI found the winning strategy in world war simulation in... not participating in the world war.

I just decided that I will play the games when I want to play the games. Not when the game forces me to play it. I think the idea from War Games will be a winning strategy for Real Racing 3 too: I suddently found out that it will be more enjoyable to abandon the Porsche 911 GT2 RS event at the 8th day of 9 (so close to the end!), than to try getting it. Haven’t you feel anything similar yet?

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