Starting my day off with a laugh

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Starting my day off with a laugh

So, it’s 5:30pm and I just started my day. Yes, my days usually start off about dinner time for most folk.

After getting out of the shower, I open RR3 and take a look at WWT and see the TT is on the new track, which I hav3 not yet run, so I jump on and proceed to occur 20 seconds of penalty time going off track. After I complete my lap I am ranked in th3 middle of group H, not so funny. But, then I am told that I rank in the top 100%. I laughed my ass off. It is the perfect rank for those individuals who hav3 no skill, and absolutely no ambition to improve. “Hey, look mom, I made it in to the top 100%, and on my first try!” Bahahaha!a

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