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Video Corner

[Edit by Veyron:  With the permission of both members involved, we have combined two separate video threads into one "official" thread and made it a sticky.  This is the original "Jeffsiamese Theater" thread, renamed and "commandeered" by yours truly, so the following text is from Jeff himself.  All posts from the "RR3 Videos" thread (created by Roguebantha) have been appended to the end of this thread.  Thanks to Jeff and Roguebantha for your cooperation.]

I'm late!

Sorry for the dry spell... I had to spend some time in the hospital getting my gall bladder removed, and some complications set in causing an extension of my "vacation" another few days. Home now though!

And sore. Criminy. So, this time I thought I'd make kind of a laid-back vid that didn't require twirling my iPad at warp speed - at least until I regain my full stamina.

I chose the 1972 Porsche Carrera RS, probably because I owned one long ago. It wasn't in terribly great shape... but man alive, was that car a blast to drive! Looked just like the one in the pic at the start of the video and in the game... same red paint, black trim, etc.

Eliminations seem an interesting subject for videos - they're fairly short but still show the differences in speed/handling between varying cars, unlike Head-To-Head matches. They make for interesting "mini" movies, if you will.

Anyhow, here's the Carrera amidst 7 other Porsches at Dubai:



Porsche Spyder Concept At Spa:

Porsche 911 RSR at Laguna:

McLaren P1 at Suzuka:


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