Mt Panorama 12 hr sport car event

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Mt Panorama 12 hr sport car event

Here we go again :)
Starting tomorrow (Saturday our time:) will be the 12 hr endurance race.
The grid has approx 40 cars with some awesome looking vehicles amongst them
Brand new Bentley’s  (nos 107 and 108) look particularly cool
Very hard to pick the best looking car/livery so I’ll just drool a bit longer and decide (maybe)
This is also the start of the endurance manufacturers year and Ferrari and Honda have joined in for the first time

“Stephane Ratel, SRO Motorsports Group Founder and CEO: “The addition of seventh and eighth full-season manufacturers, and especially those of Ferrari and Honda’s standing, underlines the growing significance of the Intercontinental GT Challenge on the world stage. A global championship featuring five of GT3’s biggest endurance races deserves a stellar entry list, and that is exactly what Intercontinental GT Challenge has assembled ahead of its fourth season.”

Unfortunately, Honda will not be starting their run during Bathurst


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