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The Honor Roll

We thought it would be nice to send out special kudos to members who are lucky enough to hit one of our milestones... 1st member, 100th member, etc.  Of course, our admin is disqualified... he had to be first.

Milestone Member Name Joined
1st TheFarmer 05 Jul 2013
100th jpradesi 04 Oct 2013
500th 356Speedster 04 Jan 2014
1000th ecarter62 02 Apr 2014
2500th zztop06 29 Jul 2014
5000th ntglaci 12 Sep 2015
10,000th ??? ???


And here are the milestones for the number of posts made in the forums...

Post Member Name Date Comment
5,000th ExTexan 27 Dec 2013 View
10,000th emeric 24 Feb 2014 View
25,000th deadchef 16 Jun 2014 View
50,000th stigman 26 Feb 2015 View
75,000th Enzo 17 Feb 2016 View
100,000th Zermalmer 13 Dec 2016 View
125,000th Tin 18 Jan 2020 View
150,000th ??? ??? ???


I wanted to extend this special acknowledgement to Andreas (aka: Zermalmer) for topping a certain moderator (who shall remain nameless) in the Hall of Fame.  I can't help but get Reps just from the features and enhancements I add to the site.  But that's expected of me... it's my site... it's what I do.  In the case of Andreas, though, he tirelessly devotes his time to create helpful, informative, and entertaining posts simply out of a desire to comtribute to the community.  The fact that he has earned so many Reps from his peers as a result is testament to how much we all appreciate his efforts.

And here's the proof...



The Mille Reps Club

We now have our tenth, and final, member in The Mille Reps Club.  Congratulations to Ghost.  I know he tried his best to stay under the radar and not be noticed, not unlike his namesake, but he just can't avoid posting helpful/interesting comments that other members like.  Cheers to all 10 members.

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