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Roadmap - Challenges

Please post suggestions for the Challenges feature here.  As the suggestions coalesce into a "consensus", we will update the following list as needed.

Planned Features

  • Allow members to create challenges.
  • Challenges should have a time limit (number of days).  This is necessary in order to award points for the top finishers.
  • Allow challenges to be "open" to all, or to be "by invitation only".
  • Allow members to have circles of friends, then allow challenges to be issued only for friends.
  • Allow challenges to have specific characteristics - i.e. limited to a specific event (the typical approach), or a specific circuit, or a specific car, or combinations thereof.
  • Show results in various ways - by event, by circuit, by car - and allow for different results boards for fastest lap time and average lap time.  [We feel that average lap time will produce the same results as "total time" but would allow for comparison of results when different events are run on the same circuit with a different number of laps.]

These are the features we have come up with so far.  We still need specifics on how the points system should work.  We also need feedback on how to incorporate a handicap or weighting factors for differences between cars, assists, etc.

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