Motorsport - How are we faring?

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Motorsport - How are we faring?

So, it's been a few updates since the addition of :

M$ + DXP

Also GC upgrades to actually achieve progress in the game has started to get much higher.

There have been two periods of hefty 40% and then 50% discounts on F1 2019 cars along with 40% off racer's choice on a couple of occasions.

I have so far been able to complete:

1. F1 2019 all cars fully upped + invitationals. Academy car at zero upgrades.
2. GT3 both cars fully upped + series completed and both exclusives completed.
3. 2020 GTE.. One car with fully upped driver & principal with Le Mans tuning pack fully upped + series completed. Second car at base with some TPXP collected gathering dust.
4. 2020 FE..Season 6..Same as GTE above. Exhibition car at zero upgrades.
5.F1 2020..4 cars won.. 1 x fully upped driver & principal, 1 x fully upped driver, 1 x driver @ 7,  1 x driver @ 4 and Belgian pack fully upped. 2x invitationals completed.
6. ETM.Had  already completed before conversion.
7. FE Seasons 3,4,5 already completed before conversion.

My GC reserves have taken a heavy pounding since F1 2020 but it's fine. It's not like I can take my GC and buy something with it in the real world.

How are other players faring?

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