F1 2020 Grosser Preis Von Österrich (Rec PR)

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F1 2020 Grosser Preis Von Österrich (Rec PR)

What we know so far about the F1 2020 Austrian GP.

It is a recommended PR event comprising of 7 stages. But to win the car the 7 stages must be completed within 5 days, so it follows that stages will open one after another straightaway. 

Tuning available is 7-7-6-8 which is quite similar to British  (8-7-7-6) and Belgian (9-6-7-6) GP tuning packs.

Rewards for GP are M$ 200,000 and 75 GC which is quite good.

Some numbers below:

I think it's advantageous to use a car where the driver is upgraded and needs further driver XP to fully upgrade to open invitational and win another car with lowest amount of tuning possible.

New track to F1 so might be beneficial to practice in the Champion Series with car intended to be used with the lowest tuning pack applied.


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