Start Your Engines! Street Spec Skirmish Challenge Begins!

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Start Your Engines! Street Spec Skirmish Challenge Begins!

Welcome to the Mt. Panorama Street-Spec Challenge!



Since I don't know squat about making videos or animations like the one above, I enlisted the help of a well-known forum member to help me set this up in a more visual way - I hope you don't mind.

This Challenge has three distinct parts:

1 - Fastest overall event time.

2 - Fastest "Blaster" lap.

3 - Fastest single lap time.

As I understand it, some don't really know exactly what a "Blaster" lap really consists of. It was invented by one of our greatest RR3 racers, Zakuta.

The object is - run the first lap as quickly and as cleanly as possible, passing as many opponents as you can. After crossing the finish line, hit pause and retire. You will then appear as a "DNF" - but your lap time will be shown. Snap a screenshot of that.

Here is a short video showing the procedure:



Hope that helps.

This Challenge is to be run online - no racing Auralpod, Rattlesnack or friends. This keeps results on a more even keel.

Since my Mac is under repair for a couple of days, I won't be able to use my spreadsheet to show leaders until then -can't do that on an iPad - but, there's absolutely no reason not to begin entering your submissions right now. They will all be recorded and factored back into this original post when I'm fully operational again.

So - Good luck, everyone! Time to race!

RESULTS   Last updated on: 01/28/2014 (GMT)

Hi All.  Sorry it has taken me so long to get this updated.  It's been crazy busy around here lately.

To give credit where due, I borrowed the results format from Modesto Lingerfelter.  Great job, ML!

So, without further ado, here are the results...

  Time Racer
Fastest Lap: 01:55.636 v1c_r
Fastest Total Time: 07:55.538 v1c_r
Fastest Blaster Lap: 02:05.076 beanziecat

Fastest Lap

Rank Racer Version Car Upgrades Lap Time
1 v1c_r ? BMWZ4 sDrive 35is 20/20 01:55.636
2 beanziecat 2.0 BMWZ4 sDrive 35is 20/20 01:55.848
3 ValeVisca71 1.2 BMWZ4 sDrive 35is 20/20 01:56.686
4 Wp48 ? BMWZ4 sDrive 35is 20/20 01:58.538
5 SLC Stig 1.5 BMWZ4 sDrive 35is 20/20 01:59.753
6 Stig's US Cuz'n 1.5 BMWZ4 sDrive 35is 20/20 02:00.284
7 Modesto Lingerfelter 1.5 BMWZ4 sDrive 35is 18/20 02:00.750

Fastest Total Time

Rank Racer Version Car Upgrades Total Time
1 v1c_r ? BMW Z4 sDrive 35is 20/20 07:55.430
2 beanziecat 2.0 BMWZ4 sDrive 35is 20/20 07:56.101
3 ValeVisca71 1.2 BMW Z4 sDrive 35is 20/20 08:02.487
4 Wp48 ? BMW Z4 SDrive 35is 20/20 08:07.482
5 SLC Stig 1.5 BMW Z4 sDrive 35is 20/20 08:12.613
6 Stig's US Cuz'n 1.5 BMW Z4 sDrive 35is 20/20 08:14.839
7 Modesto Lingerfelter 1.5 BMW Z4 sDrive 35is 18/20 08:17.053

Fastest Blaster Lap

Rank Racer Version Car Upgrades Blaster Time
1 beanziecat 2.0 BMW Z4 sDrive 35i 20/20 02:05.076
2 v1c_r ? BMW Z4 sDrive 35i 20/20 02:07.330
3 ExTexan 1.1.2 BMW Z4 sDrive 35i 20/20 02:12.487


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