OMP ! Online Multiplayer - some thoughts

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OMP ! Online Multiplayer - some thoughts


They finally did it. Great. It's not what it used to be, with only "4 racers" competing instead of 20, but it's a big step. Also, it is lagging and maybe they are waiting to improve before adding more cars… Hopefully. 

Trouble is that with 4 racers (sometimes only 2 or 3 at the start), when everyone DNF after a bad start and because they are not sport, you find yourself also DNF with no reward, but a waste of time and of course the repairs… That's not very well thought.

Repairs frequence is ridiculous: after 2 races the car needs servicing ! Maybe they could remove this aspect, since banging against silly rushing players is unfair too...

Another thing: last night, I won the race but lost ranking ! Standings said "1st" but "-20" next to my ranking… And the second one, clearly got +20. Is there an explanation to this?

I also find it strange, and not really an advantage, to almost always start 1st on the grid. How is that managed, any clue?

Do you also have the avatars all mixed up, on the bottom screen before the race starts? My picture is often associated to the wrong name!

Finally, on GRADE A not all my cars are upgraded yet, and I find it hard to choose the best  one for a full upgrade first. What's your favorite ? (in general, I know that it also depends on the track) With 28 out of 30 updates, I find the Berlinetta very disappointing in "laggy real situation". The Nissan GTR also doesn't feel right anymore, so my guess will be to fully upgrade the Audi R8, as it feels very sticky and reactive. I also have good hope with the Aventador, but I'm too far away from the full upgrade to judge the improvements. Thanks for your help on this. 

I wonder if it's smarter to play also on grade B to improve the ranking, or if focusing on the C is better. Seems  that on C players are a bit better, but it's too early to say…

How about you, what are your feelings about this huge update? 

Nice day,

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