Endurance Gaunlet Day 5

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Endurance Gaunlet Day 5

Goal 1----Drag race Catalunya, Autocross Indy Road course, and Speed snap Monze Road course

Drag race was the hardest.  Could not get slower bots regardless of what I tried.  Finally, after the upgrading to 57.8 I was able to win.  But I had to put together three nearly perfect starts. Lets just say it took a while.

Goal 2-----Win at Dubai Hill circuit with only inside overtakes.  Endurance race.  I had a 6.4 mile distance to cover.  Not a big deal.  As the bots get faster sometimes you have to slow to stay behind going into a curve where you are in the wrong position.  

Goal 3-----5 laps of Catalunya GP circuit  with a full grid, win without ANY contact, and they do mean it, no grace.  Other than that, it is a piece of cake, ha, ha.  Seriously, just find a way to get clear of the field, and don't look back.  You will probably catch some slow bots, pick a wide spot on the track to pass.  If you made it this far, you won't find this a big challenge.

Goal 4-----4 laps of Spa, must win using the lift and coast technique.  Full grid.  Took one failed attempt to learn how to ration the fuel.  Don't normally use tiltB but have been practicing so got it on try 2.  They said no assists, but still have steering assist, thank goodness!

Goal 5-----Win at Bathhurst.....three events Speed Snap, Elimination and Autocross.  These didn't cause (28 of of 31 upgrades)

Goal 6-----10 lapper at Mt. Panorama.  No assists, this time there is no steering assist either, but you can use tiltA.  NO collisions or going off track. No indication of what lap you are on, speed, or your position.  I will report back later because without steering assist I have serious doubts that I will win this, but I will try.

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