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Sections on tracks

Hi everyone,

in other threads some users ask why the time is flashing....
and every time the answer is, that it is the section time....

Also Veyron ask for the help of including them into the track maps.

Today I have not really intentions to race, so I make a hunt for section markers wink

I hope that I catch all of them as good as possible, but I can also be wrong....

The sections are markt with a blue line

On two tracks in Dubai the start line is missing, I added them with red line and arrow for racing direction.

Please check at your next races if the section lines fitting or make a short post to move the line some pixels forward or backward.

Also I want to have the users to review the chicane in corner 9 and 10 in Indy Road Course...

It is not such an sharp "S" as actually on the map (possible that it matches more the real track than the RR track).

In general I suggest to mark the tracks like the Spa track with three different colors, but I think it will take a lot of work to redo all tracks like this.

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