The 500 - Day 7

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The 500 - Day 7

Hi everybody, again using Zermalmer's survey from another thread. Credits go to himyes.

This what we can expect on day 7. Goal 4 again might be a PITA winning by max. 18 mtrscheeky.

Greets Rob


Well it looks like moderation saved the day again here. We're learning a lot about the car with these experiments, but it's costing us a few points each time. Hopefully we'll have the setup finalized for the last two legs.
I'm totally confident we can squeeze every last bit of juice from this car, and I think adding balance to my approach has been valuable. Let's take the last rounds head on!
Wait, I'm getting ahead of myself, we still have a practice day before the next championship event. A few interesting challenges at Indianapolis tomorrow should be all we need to prep for the big one at Catalunya.
We've signed away yet another rest day for a shot at some wins at Indianapolis. A good chance to play with the tuning for the big one tomorrow.
Today's racing schedule is filled with events that will be great for practice, and with the week we've had it should be totally within your power to win the whole day.

First up is a finesse race on the Indianapolis Road Course - win with no assists, no damage, no going off-track, and no skidding.

Basically, just drive the cleanest race ever. No pressure.
Win the race without assists, and don't skid, collide or leave the track

Clean as a whistle, almost like you're a champion driver or something. Ok, next up we're hitting Laguna Seca, and I think you can

demolish these poor unsuspecting opponents. Win by a mile!
Win by at least 1760 yards (1610m)

Natalia has requested a 'photo finish' shot of you and your co-driver finishing side-by-side. Take a lap at the Indy Road Course, and finish within 20 yards (18m) ahead of your opponent.
Win by less than 20 yards (18m)

Ok, we've got a big test for you at the Speedway, but first there are some warmups to get you primed.
Win these events

You're totally not going to like me after this: we want you to win the Speedway cup, but as a throttle and fuel management exercise you need to do it without braking!
Watch your fuel consumption, and win the race without using the brakes

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