About Challenges

Navigating and Posting Entries

When you select the Challenges link in the horizontal menu at the top of any page, you will see the four tabs shown above. The Olympics tab is intended for Challenges that make up the MRR Olympics series.  The Time Trials tab is for the Weekly Time Trials (WTT) and the All TTs series.  The Others tab is for all other Challenges.  Note that Others may also include Time Trials that do not belong to the WTT or All TTs.  The fourth tab takes you to the page where you can select an event for which to create a new Challenge.

For each Challenge shown on those first three tabs, you will find a lot of useful information - including the member who is hosting the Challenge, the current status (or time remaining), the details about the event the Challenge is for, a list of cars available for the event, as well as links to other pages related to the Challenge.

Challenge Status

Under the host information, you will see one of the following indicators of the current status of each Challenge:

The Challenge has completed and entries may not be added or changed.

The Challenge is ongoing and will end only when the host decides it is time for it to end.

The Challenge is currently active.  The time remaining is shown and will count down in real time.

This will be shown in place of the above countdown timer if your browser is set to not allow JavaScript.  It will not count down in real time, but you may refresh the browser page to see the updated time remaining.

View Current Standings


To view the current standings for the Challenge, and any comments that may have been posted, you can either click the title of the Challenge, which is "MRR Olympics - Series 5 - TT #5" in the above screenshot, or simply click the "Standings" link in the lower right corner.  You will then see the following table:

If any comments have been posted for the Challenge, they will appear below the current standings table, and will continue on subsequent pages.  The number of unread comments, if any, will be shown in red as a separate link - "(2 new)" in the above screenshot.

Posting a new entry for the Challenge

If the Challenge is still active, you will see "add post" links to the right of each car that is available for the event.  That will take you to the ULB entry form with the appropriate Challenge and Car already filled-in.

Editing an existing entry

If you have previously posted an entry for the Challenge and wish to updated it with better results, you have two ways to do so...  If you are viewing the results table, you will see an "Edit" link that will take you to the edit form.  Or, on the main Challenge page, an "Edit" link will be shown in place of the "Add post" link.


Creating a New Challenge

As mentioned previously, to create a new Challenge, you must first go to the "Create" tab to select the event you wish to include for your Challenge.  That selection page, shown below, is the same as the "All Events" tab of the ULB section, with the same filtering options.

Once you find the event you wish to use, click "Create" and you will be taken to the Challenge add form.

Challenge Title

You then need to enter the title of your Challenge.  It is recommended that you keep the title at a reasonable length so it will fit on the Challenges list pages without wrapping, making it easier for members to read.

Below the title, you will see the Event details. This is just for your information and may not be changed.

Challenge Tab

This field allows you to select which tab on the Challenge pages you wish your Challenge to be shown.  As stated above, the Olympics tab is intended for Challenges that make up the MRR Olympics series.  The Time Trials tab is for the Weekly Time Trials (WTT) and the All TTs series.  The Others tab is for all other Challenges.  Note that Others may also include Time Trials that do not belong to the WTT or All TTs.

Screenshot Required

This checkbox indicates whether or not a screenshot is required for each result entry posted by participants.  It defaults to "selected", which is the recommended setting.


The Cars section will be pre-populated with all available cars for the selected Event.  If you wish to eliminate some of the cars, just blank out the appropriate line.

End Date/Time

For a Challenge that is to be ongoing, you should leave the End Date/Time blank.  Otherwise, enter the date and time that you would like your Challenge to end.  If JavaScript is allowed in your browser, you will be presented with a popup calendar for selecting the date.

The time field can be a little tricky.  Each part of the field - hour and minutes - is treated as separate parts, with the ability to use up/down arrows to select the desired values.  That can make it somewhat difficult if you are using a mobile device as there are no up/down arrow equivalents.  The easiest way to enter the time is to select all the text in the field, then just type the time in "HH:MM" format.  In that case, you should enter leading zeros for both hours and minutes so that the system doesn't get confused on where you are within the field.  Note that you also need to type the ":".

If you had previously created a Challenge with no End Date/Time and decide later that you want it to finish, you just need to fill in the End Date/Time field - with either a future or past date.

Logo (optional)

If you wish, you may add a logo to your Challenge.  It will be shown on all the Challenge pages above (or beside) your name.  If you do not use a logo, your member avatar, if available, will be shown instead.

Tutorial Video(s) - (optional)

If one or more tutorials exist in the Tutorial Videos section of MRR, you may reference them here.  If you've created a tutorial video, but have not yet entered it in the Tutorial Videos section, you might need to contact a site moderator to assign the appropriate permission for you to create entries.


You may use the Guidelines field to describe your Challenge and/or provide any special instructions associated with it.

Challenge Entries and the ULB

There is only one Leaderboard (ULB) for MRR, and it contains all entries - those entered for Challenges as well as the ones entered directly into the ULB itself.  The entries that relate to Challenges are indicated by the "C" icon in the right column of the ULB results tables, as shown below:

The top two entries belong to a Challenge; the third entry was entered directly into the ULB.  In order to clear up any lingering confusion about the ULB/Challenge entries, let's use an example scenario...

During the first week of January, a member posts results in the ULB (via the Leaderboards menu link at the top of the page).  Later, that member wants to post a better result, so s/he finds the results table in the ULB and clicks "Edit" in the right column.  S/he may then change the time (or distance or speed) for the entry and post an updated screenshot.

In February, someone creates a Challenge for that same event, setting it to last two weeks.  The existing entry our example member posted back in January shouldn't keep them from participating in the Challenge, so they are allowed to post a new entry for that event in the Challenge.  That member now has two entries showing in the ULB for the event, one with a "C" icon, and one without.

Anytime during the two weeks that the Challenge is active, that member may post updated entries for the Challenge.  Again, they will be taken to the "Edit" form instead of adding new entries each time.

Several weeks later, after the Challenge has long since finished, that member wants to post an even better result for the event.  S/he would find their entry in the ULB results page - the one without the "C" icon - and edit it with an updated result and screenshot.

If at any time in the future, someone creates yet another Challenge for that same event, all members are allowed to post new entries again, regardless of the number of existing entries they already have in the ULB.  So, in a nutshell, each member can have one "direct entry" post in the ULB, plus one entry for each Challenge that references that event.