MRR Fixes and Enhancements

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MRR Fixes and Enhancements

Here's where we detail the things we fix and/or add to

For general information about all sites in our family, see this topic.

  • Tracks/Circuits - Pages showing all tracks/circuits, including circuit maps, are now available.  If you click the circuit name (not the thumbnail of the circuit map), you'll see the page for that circuit - with additional information, including a Google map of the location of the track.
  • Rating Feature for Circuits added - You can now vote for your favorite circuits - or your least favorites for that matter.
  • Discount Schedule added - A list of weekly, and special, car discounts is available.  Select the Discount Schedule link in the RR3 Features box in the right sidebar.
  • Team MRR Driver Number Added - The Team MRR Driver Number has been added to the Member Profiles page.  To get all members who have chosen Team MRR numbers to the top of the list, click the column heading to sort first in ascending sequence (all blanks will come first), then click it again for descending sequence, thus bringing all non-blank values to the top.  Please note that, as this is actually a text field, not a numeric field, the sort is positional.  That is, all numbers starting with "9" will come first (in descending sequence) regardless of the actual numeric value.  As a result, 921 might be followed by 91, followed by 9, followed by 836.
  • Circuit Locations - A Google map showing the locations of all circuits available in RR3 has been added (link in the right sidebar).  If you click on a marker, you will see a thumbnail view of the circuit map, as well as the length of the circuit, and the version in which it was introduced.  If you click on the thumbnail, you will see a full-size image of the circuit map.  For tracks with more than one layout, the markers are, by necessity, close together - too close when zoomed out to be able to click any but the topmost marker.  If you zoom in on the Google map, you will eventually be able to distinguish markers for the various circuits.
  • Added Circuit des 24 Heures Map - The circuit map for the Le Mans track has been added.  When you visit the Circuits page, you'll actually see four circuits shown there - one each for Morning, Day, Evening, and Night.  All four maps are exactly the same; we just needed to have the four different circuit titles to use when creating events.
  • Added Tutorial Videos Section - A new section designed specifically for Tutorial Videos has been added.  Each page has fields for four different video URLs:  Cockpit Cam, Bonnet Cam, Chase Cam, and a Freestyle (artsy) view.  These videos should be hosted offline and linked-to via the URL appropriate for the host site.  There are pages showing all tutorials grouped by Circuit, by Car, as well as a sortable list.  There are also several filtering options.  Members may create new Tutorial entries by clicking the "Add Tutorial" link just under the tabs.  Members who contribute tutorial videos will earn 25 Fame points for each contribution.  MRR reserves the right to remove entries that are not appropriate for that section.
  • Discount Schedule Converted/Enhanced - The car discount entries were converted to a new format, and we enhanced the content while we were at it.  The Discounted Price is now shown along with the List Price of each car.  Please note that, because of Monkey Math (i.e. we don't know their rounding rules), the prices shown are an approximation.  However, they should be very close to the actual discounted prices.
  • Added Monza Circuit Map - The circuit maps for Monza have been added.
  • Ultimate Leaderboard feature added - This allows members to post ther times (or distances or speeds) from running events in RR3.  For more details, read the article  About the Ultimate Leaderboars (ULB).
  • Challenges feature added - Building on the Ultimate Leaderboard feature, Challenges allows you to "host" an event, allowing members to compete against each other, with the results showing in one convenient place.  For more details, read the article About Challenges.
  • Tournaments feature added - Just as the Challenges feature bulids on the ULB, the Tournaments feature adds a new level above Challenges.  Think of each Tournament as a collection of Challenges, showing ranking points for each stage (each Challenge) and overall points for the entire Tournament.  For more details, read the article About Tournaments.
  • Teams feature added - Pages have been added to allow members to keep track of their RR3 Teams and team members.
  • Members' Garage feature added - Members may now keep track of their cars in the Members' Garages section (menu link under Real Racing 3, right sidebar).  You may also view the garages of other members.  There are two main tabs and four subtabs, as shown below:

    In addition to the "All Members" tab, the "My Garage" tab makes it easy for you to view your own cars without needing to filter on your own member name.  The four subtabs correspond to the four pages that are available.
    • Cars - Shows basic information about all cars, including the purchase price, specs, and photos (in a slider view).  You may also rate cars on this page.  If you are rating your own cars, that will serve as a reminder to yourself how much you like/dislike each car.  Rating other members' cars should be your "vote" for their photos - i.e. their liveries.  Obviously, your vote on your own cars will also affect the overall votes cast by others, but once you get more than a few votes, its affect will be minimized.
    • Photos - You may upload up to ten photos for each car in your garage.  Consider this your own personal "Showoff Corner".  Clicking on any photo will bring up a carousel view of all photos for a given car.  Once you have uploaded photos of your cars, you could share the link to that page in the Showoff Corner thread instead of uploading them all again.
    • Specs - Shows the current specifications (top speed, acceleration, etc.) of all cars - along with default values for View and Controls.  The system does not validate the specs at all, so it's up to each member to ensure the accuracy of the data.  As for the views/controls defaults, they will serve as overrides for the corresponding values in your member profile.  For example, if you normally use Cockpit View for all cars except the LMP1 cars, you can set the default in your member profile to Cockpit View, then in your garage, set the LMP1 cars to whichever view you use for those cars.  Then, when you are posting entries in the ULB or for Challenges, the appropriate defaults will be used.
    • Upgrades - Shows upgrade levels for all categories (Enginge, Drivetrain, etc.) plus the overall upgrade level for all cars, in this format:
                5/7 (71%)
      For categories that are not at 100%, the percentage will be shown in red, while those at 100% will be shown in green.
      Also, please see additional information here.
  • Team Tournaments feature added - You may now set a Tournament to show the Team Rankings table.  For more information on this feature, please see this post, and the About Team Tournaments page.
  • "Owned" indicator added to Garage Entries - An "owned" indicator has been added to the Garage section of MRR.  See this post for more details.

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